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Pinnacle foods are a major supplier to the UK Foodservice industry. Whether itís in our own Wilsons, Pinnacle and Brockhurst Farm Brands or a customers own label. Through strong working relationships with clients, maintaining continuity in service and high standard this area of our business continues to flourish.


We are aware that food manufacturers need to purchase to exacting specifications and product arrives on time every time. With our knowledge and commitment to work with clients we have developed innovative ways of transporting goods safely, securely and minimizing packaging and handling by the end user. All of which we feel has helped us succeed in the competitive sector.


Our range of retail products are produced under our own WILSONS brand or customer own label. NPD work is constantly carried out to develop products that offer good quality and value for money to the consumer.


Pinnacle Foods have been successfully exporting to Europe and other Countries far and wide. We currently hold licences to export to Europe, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

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